About Us

Yvonne Perry

Hello, my name is Yvonne and I am the proud owner of Neptune’s Linen Chest and Gifts On-line Store

We not only deliver throughout New Zealand but globally through the online store you are now viewing.

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How Neptunes Linen came to be
The story of how Neptunes Linen came into being began when I was a very early age. As a child, at the start of Spring, my mother recalls us bringing her colourful bunches of flowers from the garden (and the neighbours’ gardens, and the local park no doubt) and insisting on arranging them in “agee” preserving jars throughout the house. I recall how proud it made me feel to brighten up the house and see the family smile. Although I now put flowers into designer vases I still love making others happy. 

The benefits of married life, motherhood, setting up a home, bringing up a family, and sole management positions have all helped me understand what I do best and what makes me happy.  Matching that skillset with a passion for customer service and beautiful products is what helped us bring Neptune’s Linen into being.

Personal Touch
We are a small, vibrant business that believes in one-on-one communication with our customers, the personal touch makes all the difference and ensures that you receive our very best service.

We provide people with beautiful bed linen and other household items such as towels and robes because and we know how exciting it is to dress both yourself and your home with quality, designer fabrics and furnishings. Creating our own home, with our own style and flair, is one of the things that still manages to bring a sense of achievement and pride to our lives.

Personal Customer Service
No matter what your need is we are here to offer help and advice. If you have any questions about our range of products then please feel free to contact us via phone or email. 

Thank you for visiting Neptune’s Linen. Happy Shopping.