About Tencel ®

TENCEL® - The Perfect Fiber For Sensitive Skin

This pure and natural cellulose fiber derived from the renewable resource eucalyptus wood, ensures a cool feeling on the skin and optimal moisture management for outstanding wear comfort thanks to the nanofibril structure and smooth surface.

TENCEL® - The Feel Good Fiber

The number of people with sensitive skin is constantly increasing. This is why increasingly higher requirements are being placed on textiles. TENCEL® is the perfect fiber for sensitive skin, because the smooth and supple fiber surface is the sheerest relief for the skin. Coarse textiles can irritate the skin and lead to itching. However, clothing with TENCEL® feels smooth and pleasantly cool on the skin.

TENCEL® - The Moisture Manager

Perfect moisture management is particularly important for the subjective well-being of the skin. The fiber cross section on the right side shows that only TENCEL® controle moisture and absorbs it evenly. Moreover TENCEL® absorbs about 50% more moisture than cotton. The photographs shown on the right were produced with an electron microscope and are taken from M. Abu Rous et. al. AUTEX Textile World Conference 2005.

Cotton - lower absorption higher bacteria growth

TENCEL® - The Temperature Manager

TENCEL® offers unrivalled advantages in thermoregulation. Compared with cotton, TENCEL® feels much cooler with rising temperatures. People with sensitive skin frequently suffer from heat, TENCEL® has a cooling effect on the skin which has been tested and confirmed in clinical evaluations.

TENCEL® Is Ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • TENCEL® is smooth and soft
  • TENCEL® has superior moisture absorbency
  • TENCEL® is cool and dry
  • TENCEL® can actively reduce temperature
  • TENCEL® retards bacterial growth
  • TENCEL® has neutral electric properties
  • TENCEL® is natural and pure
  • TENCEL® has exellent washing performance
Sleeping directly on the Tencel surface will help reduce skin conditions such as Tencel - Higher absorption Natural Anti bacterial