Alpaca Throws

Alpacas are descended from camels and are cousins to llamas. They evolved thousands of years ago developing a fine hair with remarkable softness, fineness, length, warmth, and strength. This dense fibre is a result of their harsh environment and the elevation in which they originated, the Andes Mountains of South America.

Today we know that the Alpaca fibre is a natural insulator due to a hollow core in the fibre shaft. Without lanolin found in many other fibres, as well as the composition of the fibre, free from cuticle, it is naturally hypoallergenic. Alpacas produce fibre with minimal guard hair, a course fibre, which means a substantial reduction in itch found in wool and other wool-like textiles. Naturally occurring in more than 22 colours, its versatility is unmatched.

Washing Alpaca

  1. Soak in tepid water using mild detergent recommended for washing wool.
  2. Gently agitate by hand to dislodge any dirt particles. Do not agitate unduly.
  3. Rinse in clean, cool water and spin to rid excess water. A small amount of fabric softener can be used if desired.
  4. Hang over a line or lay flat to dry.

Dry Cleaning

Your Alpaca article can be dry cleaned by a reputable drycleaner.
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